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Almost to Die For - Tate Hallaway Almost To Die For is not your typical vamp story. And it is definitely nothing like I expected but only in the best possible way.Ana Parker's sixteenth birthday is not going the way she planned. It's bad enough that her Inititation is that night and she can't do magic. It gets worse when her father shows up on the doorstep of her house and her mother flips out. Turns out her dad is the prince of the vampires. No wonder her mom never told her about him. Things only get worse as the night goes on. Everybody keeps telling her that the vampires are the bad guys but it sure doesn't seem that way. Who can she trust, her witch mom or her vamp dad? And what happens when she gets caught in the middle?Ana was smart. That was probably the best part about her. She found out that she was half vampire and instead of assuming the worst, she did research. She didn't just listen to all the bad stuff she was being told about vampires, she listened to the good stuff too. She had to make her own decision about who she was and she didn't let anybody, not even her parents, decide who she really was. She was fierce, determined, and kind of bad ass. She was also really funny in a sarcastic, make fun of yourself kind of way. She only confused me with her relationships. She had something with Nikolai and Elias but she didn't seem to know what she wanted from either. Nikolai was a little too fierce for me to like but he had his good moments. Elias was the perfect gentleman and I found myself liking him best. Who knows who I will choose as the series goes on?Overall, Almost To Die For is a good start to the Vampire Princess series. I can't wait for more of the witches and vamps and of course, Nikolai and Elias. I have no idea where this series might go but I can't wait to find out.