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Black Heart (Curse Workers Series #3)

Black Heart - Holly Black Holly Black has been one of my favorite authors for quite some time. Black Heart in no way disappointed me and Holly Black ended this trilogy on the perfect note. Although I can't help but hope there might be more books about Cassel and the Curse Workers.Cassel is a very lost guy. He does not know what he should do with his life and it's getting to be that time. He is strong but vulnerable. His emotions are pretty close to the surface and it's hard for him to hide them. He is such an easy guy to relate to. Readers will love him even more in this final installment. Sam, Daneca, Barron, and Lila all play pretty important roles in Black Heart. Sam is Cassel's wingman. He knows pretty much all his secrets and he is always there for him. Daneca is a bit mysterious but she is still a good friend to Cassel. Barron is a bit of a douche but he can't really help himself. He is better than he has been in the previous book though. Lila is a big mystery most of the book. She has two very different sides and they both come out in this book confusing both Cassel and the reader. However it's impossible not to love her because she is one kick ass female!The plot takes off from the very first page and never once slows down. There are multiple stories interwoven together in Black Heart but they never once get confusing. Each story is so distinct but they all seem to tie together. Holly Black has an amazing skill at keeping readers entertained from beginning to end.As far as I know Black Heart is the final book in the Curse Workers series. If it is, don't worry, all the questions are answered. Any new mysteries that are introduced in Black Heart are also tied up but Holly Black left enough of an opening that she could write more books about Cassel and the Curse Workers.Overall, Black Heart is a stunning book from Holly Black. The Curse Workers trilogy is a favorite of mine and I highly recommend it. Also, this trilogy is probably is one of the best trilogies I would recommend for guy readers.