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Percival's Angel

Percival's Angel - Anne Eliot Crompton Percival's Angel is a very odd book. I'm torn about how I feel about it. The story was not bad but it was very different and I had a very hard time getting into it. It's just a very weird book and this review is really hard for me to write.Lili has never known life outside the Fey forest. She has never had the urge to know it either until Merlin tells her about the powers of the Human heart. Lili sets out on a quest to get a Human heart along with her best friend, Percival, who is on his own quest to become a knight. Along the way both Lili and Percy will face great trials and their friendship will be tested. Will Lili get a Human heart? Will Percy become a knight? Will their two quests tear them apart?Anne Elliot Crompton's writing style is very different. It seemed disjointed to me. Also, the point-of-view switched a lot and sometimes it took me a while to ever realize ti was a different person. There was absolutely no warning. So not only did the writing confuse me, so did the point-of-view switching.The characters were just okay. Not bad but definitely not great. Lili was a bit contradictory. She said she wanted a heart because she didn't have one but her actions made me think that she did. Percival just seemed kind of dumb. Nothing he did endeared me to him. I don't know how else to explain it.Overall, Percival's Angel is definitely a book I recommend getting from the library. It just did not do anything for me and I honestly just did not like it.