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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris Elizabeth Norris' sophomore novel may just be better than her debut and I wasn't sure that was possible. Unbreakable takes readers right back into the action and suspense of Unraveling. This is one book you won't be able to put down.Unbreakable starts off four months after the ending of Unraveling and things have changed quite a bit. Ben's gone, the world has pretty much collapsed, and, oh yeah, a bunch of people have just started to randomly go missing. Almost like they're disappearing off the face of the earth. It's up to Janelle, of course, to find out what's going on. As if that's not enough to deal with, she has to do it in five days. Or else. Things have definitely changed in this sequel to Unraveling but it still packs the same punch as the first book! In fact, I found this one a bit more thrilling than the first. The stakes were very high and I found myself on the edge of my seat, never knowing what might happen next. Also, the countdown clock at the beginning of each chapter really added to the suspense. This book really was almost impossible for me to put down.The same characters from the first book are back and they are just as awesome as I remember. Janelle is possibly even more bad-ass than she was in the first book. Her life may be at stake but she's not as worried about that as she is about everyone else who could get hurt. She always puts others first and I love that about her. I also love that she's the one out to save her guy, not the other way around. It's really refreshing to read about a girl who can not only save herself but save everyone else too! Taylor Barclay is also back and I really love him. Readers get to see a different side to Barclay in Unbreakable and it's so hard not to fall totally in love with him. Then, of course, there's Ben. If you aren't already in love with him from the first book I think there might be something wrong with you. Just saying. I also have to warn you guys: you might want some tissues handy while reading this one. At first things seem fine but when the stakes are as high as they were in Unbreakable, you kind of know something bad is going to happen. I admit that I did predict what was going to happen but I still wasn't prepared for it and I teared up a little bit. Just thought I should give you guys fair warning.Overall, Unbreakable is one of the best sophomore novels I've ever read. I'm always a bit skeptical, especially when it's a sequel, but there really is no need with Unbreakable. Read this on as soon as possible!