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Losing Faith

Losing Faith - Denise Jaden Denise Jaden's debut novel is a fascinating story about what happens when you get in too deep with the wrong crowd and in this case it was not the crowd that automatically comes to mind. It was an enjoyable book that stands out as unique in todays paranormal infested market.Brie Jenkins has always been the problem child. Her sister, Faith, on the other hand, is the perfect child. All that changes the night Faith falls off a cliff. Now Brie is the only child left and her world is crumbling around her. Her parents can't keep it together, her friends don't want anything to do with her, and her boyfriend is hiding something from her. When rumors start spreading that Faith's death was a suicide Brie can't take it anymore. With the help of some unlikely allies Brie finds out more about her sister than she ever expected. What was Faith involved in that caused her death?At first I had some trouble getting into Losing Faith but I am very glad that I didn't give up on it because it was great! My problem in the beginning was that I didn't particularly like Brie but it didn't take long for her to change. She also had Tessa to help with that and she was awesome. She brought out a different side of Brie and she was so fun. I loved her spying methods. They cracked me up. She brought a much needed break in tension. =]The plot didn't take any time to take off. Faith's death happened very early in the book and from there everything got started. That was the best thing about Losing Faith. I hate when a book is slow to pick up and this one wasn't. I loved finding out more about what happened the night Faith died and it kept me reading. I had a hard time putting this one down when it was time for bed.Overall, Losing Faith is a spectacular debut from Denise Jaden. If you are big into contemporary fiction this is one to add to your list. I'm so excited for whatever Denise has planned next!