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Breathless - Jessica Warman Katie Kitrell's life is going down the tubes. Her brother has finally done something so bad that not even Katie can escape from it. The only thing her parents can think to do is to ship her off to some unheard of boarding school.Once there, things don't seem to bad. Katie fits right in with the popular crowd and boy are there some cute guys there, especially Drew. Everything seems just great for Katie and how can she possible ruin that by telling them about her brother? So, she doesn't. Instead Katie decides to lie and tell everyone that he died. How hard could it be to keep that secret?Life for Katie seems to be looking up. Cool friends, a new crush, and the only thing that's weird is her roommate. Mazzie is the weirdest person Katie has ever met but maybe there is a reason for that. Now all Katie has to do is figure out what it is.Katie's life is perfect at boarding school but what happens when her real life intrudes? How can she continue to keep Will a secret when he has done something so unspeakably horrible it's bound to get out? And will Katie be able to salvage her new life when it does?Breathless was a very good debut novel but nothing that really made me want to read it again. I felt like the summary was a little misleading because Katie wasn't just shipped off to boarding school for no reason, she was shipped off because Will had finally gone off the deep end. From the very beginning of the book I could just tell there was something seriously wrong with Will and I was very nervous to find out what he ended up doing that was so horrible. Well, he did many things. Also, I didn't really like Katie much. She smoked, drank, and was very superficial. She lied about Will because she wanted people to like her and that was pretty much it. She wanted to be popular and that was all she cared about when she got to boarding school. Oh, and swimming but popularity and boys came first. I mean, at one point in the book she got so drunk that the next day she ended up puking in the gutter by the pool. That wasn't my idea of a good example that teens should read about in books. Overall, Breathless did not leave me breathless. I have read some great reviews about it but I just didn't like it and don't think I ever will. I mean if you're looking for something to keep yourself occupied go ahead and give it a shot but it's not one that I will be rereading anytime soon.