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Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover You guys know by now that I don't normally have much luck with new adult novels. So far I've liked about 2 of the ones that I've read. I had almost given up hope when I was told that I had to read Slammed. I figured I'd give it a shot but I didn't have very high expectations. While I'm still not in love with the genre, Slammed is a wonderful book and has made me think twice about giving up altogether.The characters were by far my favorite part of Slammed. Layken started off a bit whiny and I wasn't sure how I was going to like her but that didn't last long. I quickly grew to really love her even when she whined. She was a girl I could easily see myself befriending. Speaking of befriending though, her best friend Eddie, was by far the best. She had a tough life but she didn't let it bring her down. She was quirky and crazy but so much fun. Then there's the boy. Oh boy. Will was amazing. He was sweet, smart, funny, and a great brother. His relationship with his little brother was one of the most attractive things about him. He did have flaws though. He was stubborn and that stubbornness really screwed things up with him and Layken. I couldn't fault him though since it was clear to see where he was coming from. There's also Layken's family which consists of her mom and her little brother. Their family was far from perfect but that was what made them so real. Layken's mom was always there for her and her little brother was so great. I loved the family dynamics not just with them but also with Will and his brother.The story had a few predictable moments for me but it wasn't enough to make me dislike the book. The secret that tears Will and Layken apart completely took me by surprise although to be honest, I should have seen it coming. There were some signs leading up to the big reveal that should have given it away but I'm glad it didn't. I liked that mystery. That's not the only secret though. Layken's family has some secrets of their own and those were the ones that were a bit predictable. Don't worry though, you'll still really enjoy the story and you will devour it. It's such a quick read.The romance might have been my favorite part though. Especially all the tension between Will and Layken! Things started off a little quickly for them but their relationship did eventually slow down and that's when readers really get to see how perfect they are for each other. Sure there might have been a little insta-love at first but it's not too bad. It's not the beginning of their relationship that really matters though. It's how it progresses throughout the book that really matters. It's so fabulous.Overall, Slammed has given me a new take on new adult. I will definitely continue with this trilogy and I highly recommend starting it if you haven't already.