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Numbers (Numbers Series #1)

Numbers: Book 1 - Rachel Ward Numbers was a bit of a shock to me. It was a brutally honest story about love, friendship, life, and death. I recently read The Mark which I thought would be similar to this but they were so different in so many ways.Jem has always seen the numbers and they have never been wrong. When she looks someone in the eye, she sees the numbers. The numbers are dates, the dates of those people's deaths. That's why she never gets close to anyone. She not only knows that they will die, she knows when. It makes life so much harder for her, especially when she lets Spider slip past her guard. And when something crazy happens and forces them to flee London, things begin to heat up. Can Jem stay away from Spider or will she finally give into the lure of having a friend? If so, what does that mean for them?Numbers was a book so unlike any I have read. In some ways it was a good thing but not in all ways. The author is from England and so her writing style was a bit odd. I never really got used to it and it made me dislike the book a little. The sentences seemed choppy and oddly worded. It wasn't too bad but it was noticeable. Also, Jem and Spider's relationship was weird. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I wanted to know more about both characters but I didn't feel like there was a lot of background on either.The plot was good but it was pretty dark. I knew the book had to deal with death but it was more gritty and brutal than I ever expected. Rachel Ward didn't leave anything out and sometimes it was too much for me. I would have been okay with a little less description.Overall, Numbers was just okay. It's not a favorite but it's definitely not a bad book. If you are okay with a brutally honest story with gritty descriptions, check it out but I don't recommend reading it when you are already in a bad mood. It's not one of those books that will cheer you up.