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We'll Always Have Summer (Summer Novels)

We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han I didn't think she could do it but Jenny Han did. We'll Always Have Summer is a very satisfying end to the Summer trilogy and I adored it.Belly finally has to make a decision in this book. Things have really come to a head. Either way she loses one of the boys she loves but she can't keep stringing them, or herself, along. For once Belly seemed grown up. Definitely not at the beginning of the book but about halfway through I finally started to see it. It was good to finally see her grow as a character.Conrad and Jeremiah are such confusing boys. They were all over the place. I still loved them both though. Conrad became a much better person in this book. Jeremiah was pretty much the same lovable guy as always. In the end I was really satisfied with who Belly picked but I won't even give you guys a hint of who it was. I'm mean like that. =)Overall, We'll Always Have Summer is a fabulous ending to an absolutely amazing trilogy. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should. It's great for chick-lit lovers. Oh and if you have read the first two books, get your hands on a copy of this one NOW!