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Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins I'll start off by saying that Sweet Peril does not suffer from the second book syndrome. In fact, Sweet Peril may have actually been better than Sweet Evil. I'm in awe of Wendy Higgins.Sweet Peril picks up shortly after the end of Sweet Evil. Anna and Kaidan have gone their separate ways, all the Neph have been split up and forced to keep to themselves, and life just plain sucks for Anna. All that changes when she finds out that she may be the key to ending the Dukes' reigns on earth and freeing the Neph for good. Along with Kope, Anna sets off to find allies for her cause.The action in Sweet Peril is non-stop. There is always something crazy going on and there's even more danger than there was in Sweet Evil. What Anna and Kope are doing goes against everything the Dukes want and if they're caught, they will be killed. Finding allies to help with this cause that could end in death for all Neph, isn't easy. The stakes are high, the romance is hot, and the ending is killer. This is not a book you stop reading once you start it. New characters are introduced (some good, some not) and there are, of course, the same characters from the first book making some appearances. First up there is Anna. I still love her. She's gotten a bit of a personality change from the first book but she's still as lovable and good as ever. She's forced to play the role of the bad party girl but it's easy to see that that's not who she really is. Oh and she's fierce now. She knows how to take care of herself and it is awesome! Anna's family is also back. Patti and Belial are amazing. Patti is such a sweetheart and deep down so is Belial. I think he is truly one of the best fathers I've read about. Kope is also back and I love him. He and Anna don't belong together but I do hope to see him with someone before the trilogy ends. He's such a good guy. The twins are also back and while Marna is awesome, Ginger isn't quite there yet. You do get to find out a little more about her in this book but I still haven't warmed up to her yet. Last but not least for the old characters are Blake and Kaidan. Blake is so lovable and fun. Kaidan is just as sexy as ever. Readers get to see a different side of him in Sweet Peril and I dare you guys not to love him even more. I want a Kaidan of my own! Then there are some new characters. First up is Zania. That girl is a little crazy. She definitely takes some getting used to but I look forward to seeing her character evolve in the next book. There's also Finn who I really wasn't sure about at first. He's quite the character. Readers also get some more time up close and personal with the Dukes and they are scary dudes! Yikes!Overall, Sweet Peril gets five shoes and that's only because I can't give it any more. This is definitely going on my list of favorites.