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Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski I had heard good things about this book before reading it so I started it expecting to love it. I definitely did! It was cute, funny, wonderfully written, and full of awesome characters. I think I may have to check out Sarah Mlynowksi's other books now.April does not want to move to Cleveland in the middle of her junior year. She has friends, a great boyfriend, and a good life in Westport. She refuses to leave so she comes up with a plan. She will live with her friend Vi and her mom. That would be perfect if Vi's mom was going to be there. April refuses to give up though and in the end she ends up moving in with Vi with no parents and her dad not knowing. It seems like a perfect plan except April and Vi end up doing quite a few things that they shouldn't. And without parents, how do they get out of the messes they make?This book was so funny! That was one of the main things that made me love it so much. It definitely had some serious stuff going on but April and her friends always managed to make it hilarious. This book was seriously laugh out loud funny and it was just what I needed for a summer day!I truly enjoyed all the characters in the book. April was very easy to like and sympathize with. Vi was crazy and the perfect housemate. Marissa was very sweet and a great best friend. Lucy was creepy and a bit stalkerish but she grew on me. Noah was cute. Hudson was sexy and sweet. Dean was crazy and very funny. I could go on and on about these guys. They are like the ideal friend group. Even the cat, Doughnut, had personality. =)My one warning about Ten Things We Did is that it is not for younger teens. There is a lot of talk about sex and STDs and doing illegal things. I do think it was all done tastefully though so older teens can enjoy it. It was very realistic. Overall, Ten Things We Did came out just in time to read over the summer. If you have a day to read by the pool I recommend getting a copy of this one. Or if it's a rainy day. Or any day really!