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Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3)

Reached (Matched Trilogy Series #3) - Reached, the final book in the Matched trilogy, will not disappoint readers. Full of action, romance, mystery, and betrayal, this book will have readers on the edge of their seats. Ally Condie concluded this trilogy perfectly!For the first time in the history of the Matched trilogy, readers finally get Xander's point-of-view. He is definitely the weakest link in the love triangle but that all changes with this book. Like I said in my review of Crossed, I have no problem with Xander other than the fact that I barely know the guy. He's always been the boy next door to Cassia but he's still a mystery to readers. In Reached he finally reveals his true passion, why he fell in love with Cassia, how he felt about her and Ky, and so much more. For the first time I actually contemplated him and Cassia together. He finally became a real option to me. Xander turned out to be a really great guy who got dealt some crappy hands in life.As for Cassia and Ky, they were apart for quite a big chunk of the book and I think that really helped me get to know each of their characters. Cassia has changed a lot since the first book and even quite a bit since the second book. She feels that she has a purpose and she takes charge. She doesn't discredit her ideas just because they aren't exactly going to help with the Rising. Instead she decides to do what she can to help the people rather than the Rising. She truly found her calling in this book and she finally made me really like her. Ky, on the other hand, hasn't changed a whole lot but that's not a bad thing in his case. He's still just as amazing as he was in the first book. I said that Xander finally became an option for me but he never truly changed my mind. Ky won my heart from the very first book and I'm happy to say that he ended the trilogy with it.Every single question posed since the very first book is answered in Reached and quite a few of them were not at all what I expected. There were a couple times when my jaw almost hit the floor I was so shocked. Some little things I predicted but all the stuff that really mattered came as complete surprises to me. Readers you will love finally finding out the answers to all your questions and you won't be able to predict a thing!Overall, Reached is a wonderful ending to the Matched trilogy. I was greatly impressed with this final book and I can't wait to read whatever Ally Condie writes next.