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Touched - Corrine Jackson Earlier in the year I read Corrine Jackson's debut novel, If I Lie. I adored it and I was very much looking forward to reading Touched, her first venture into the paranormal. While I still greatly enjoyed Corrine Jackson's writing, Touched really fell flat for me.My biggest issue with Touched was that, while the premise seemed unique, the story actually wasn't very original. I know readers aren't supposed to compare books when reading but I honestly could not stop thinking about Twilight while reading this one. There was this dark, brooding boy with a secret, a rather plain girl who fell in love with him, this group of people out to stop the human world from finding out about the paranormal creatures, and so much more! I'm not saying that Corrine Jackson stole the story from Stephenie Meyer, I'm just saying, it's all been done before. I would have much rather read something with more originality.Remy, however, didn't really remind me all that much of Bella. Remy was a strong character who had to deal with a lot. Her ability made her a target and so she was always keeping her distance from people. She knew that if people found out it could ruin her life. She was a little rough around the edges because of this but she was really easy to like. Asher, on the other hand, was a little harder to like, mainly because he reminded me so much of Edward. Like I said, he was dark and brooding, but he also kept trying to keep Remy away from him. He kept going on and on about how dangerous he was for her. I just wanted to reach in and slap him.The plot had some holes but it is the first book in a trilogy so that was to be expected. Things really started to come together in the end and of course, then it ended. I was left with quite a few questions but nothing that left me disappointed. There was just enough mystery to keep me interested for the next book.Overall, Touched certainly had it's flaws but it is still a solid start to the Sense Thieves trilogy. So far I have been pretty impressed with Corrine Jackson's books and I look forward to more in this trilogy.