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Waiting For You - Susane Colasanti Marisa's story is a classic dilemma. Nerdy boy likes girl, girl likes popular boy, will things ever work out for the two?Marisa and Nash have always been neighbors but have grown apart over the years. Nash is the nerdy boy who is obsessed with robots and science and Marisa is the girl who would love to be popular but can never quite fit in. Marisa's problem is that she has an anxiety disorder that made most people think that she was crazy. This year, though, Marisa and her best friend Sterling make a pact that Sophomore year will be the best yet. They both plan to reinvent themselves over the summer and start fresh. Things seem to be going great for both of them, especially when Derek, the boy of her dreams, seems to take an interest in Marisa.While things get better and better for Marisa, her friendship with Sterling seems to be deteriorating. Marisa won't spend time with Sterling because she is too busy with Derek but Marisa won't let Sterling find her own boyfriend. Sterling has a tendency to go for the older guys that she meets on the internet and Marisa is worried that something might happen. All Sterling wants is someone like Derek is to Marisa and she can't seem to find it anywhere but the internet. More and more Marisa blows off Sterling to hang out with Derek and Sterling finally cracks. She can't stand being put second in Marisa's life and she won't put up with it anymore. Things couldn't be better for Marisa but she can't seem to stop thinking about Nash. Nash also entered into a new relationship and instead of being happy, Marisa seems to be a tad bit jealous. When Derek starts hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Sierra, things get even worse.Not only is Marisa having trouble with friendships and relationships, her family life seems to be getting worse. Her parents, who have always been the type to show their affection, don't seem to even notice each other anymore. What could possibly be going on with them?Will Marisa finally choose the right guy for her? Will Sterling ever get over finding older guys on the internet? Will Marisa's parents make-up of break-up?Waiting For You is a classic coming-of-age story about friendship and first love. Not only does Susane Colasanti manage to create a great love story, she manages to incorporate that maybe the guy of your dreams is right in front of you and you are just too afraid to look. Susane Colasanti was able to show in this story that love isn't necessarily about looks and what other people think but about how you feel. Waiting For You is one of those books that makes you want to keep reading and find out if everything works out in the end. It will inspire you to live your life in the Now and let the future come at you as it may.