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Starry Nights

Starry Nights - Daisy Whitney Starry Nights, Daisy Whitney's first non-contemporary book, kind of let me down. I was expecting the amazing writing, setting, and story from Daisy Whitney's previous books and I just didn't get that. I enjoyed Starry Nights but it's not something I'd ever read again.Starry Nights starts off slow and doesn't really pick up. There's not a lot of action or suspense and I found myself enjoying reading it but never really wondering where it would go or speeding through it to see what would happen. There's magic and curses and fun stuff like that but I never felt a sense of urgency regarding any of it.Another thing that was odd to me was the writing. It was a lot less fluid than the writing in Daisy Whitney's other books. Also, Julien just didn't seem as authentic as Daisy Whitney's other characters. She definitely got the male voice right but he was a little too romantic for any teenage boy I know. Maybe that's just because I don't know any French teenagers. Sometimes he just seemed a little fake to me.There were some good things about Starry Nights though. I've never been all that into art but I felt like I learned a lot and it actually made me really interested in it. There was also some really fabulous history thrown into the story which really intrigued me since I'm such a history buff. I know that won't appeal to everyone but to me, it was probably the best thing about the book.I also really enjoyed the setting. Anything set in Paris is fabulous and Daisy Whitney definitely didn't write about the typical parts of Paris. She showed readers a very different side to the city and I really enjoyed that. Paris came alive in Starry Nights.Overall, if you're looking for something quick to read on a rainy day, give this one a shot. It won't be for everyone but it is a pretty fun read.