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Dark Inside

Dark Inside  - Jeyn Roberts Dark Inside is a very gritty post-apocalyptic novel. I was shocked at how brutal and gory it was. It took a little getting used to but by the end I loved it!Dark Inside is told from 4 different points-of-view. Michael, Mason, Clementine, and Aries are four teens who survived the massive earthquake and subsequent attacks. They lost pretty much everyone they loved and now they are just trying to survive. All four of them were very unique characters and I ended up really liking them all. They were all faced with very tough situations but they pulled through and they were stronger because of it.The plot was very fast-paced. From the very first page I had a hard time putting this book down. It was seriously non-stop action. My one issue with this book though was how dark and depressing it was. It was also very creepy at times. Normally I can handle it but this one was so realistic that it really started to scare me. I couldn't read this one right before bed. =POverall, Dark Inside has it's flaws but the good things definitely outweigh the bad. I do think that it will creep some people out so you might want to keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to read this one but if you like darker books definitely give this one a shot!