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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Katniss Everdeen would do anything for her family. Ever since her father's death in a mine accident, she has been the leader. She does have a mother but her mom's specialty is healing not killing. And killing is what Katniss does. In order to keep her family alive, Katniss hunts for their food and extra to sell. She and her best friend, Gale, work as a team to keep their families alive and well. Things change when Katniss' little sister, Prim, is drawn as a tribute for the Hunger Games. Katniss does the only thing she can think to do, which is volunteer to take Prim's place. She knows she probably won't make it out of the Games alive but she also knows that if she dies her family will be taken care of by the people of District 12.Peeta Mellark is the boy tribute from District 12. Katniss and Peeta don't have anything in common and they barely know each other so Katniss figures it should be easy to kill him once the Games begin. Little does she know in order to win these Games she will have to have Peeta by her side. Will Katniss be able to distance herself from the other participants of the Games? Will she be able to keep her temper long enough to gain some sponsors to help her through the Games? And most importantly, will she be able to kill Peeta if it comes down to that? Who will win the 74th annual Hunger Games? OMFG!!!That's all I can think to say about The Hunger Games. Well, I guess it's not all I have to say but it's a start. I think that makes it pretty clear how I felt about the book. I loved it and it holds a special place on my shelf so I can go back and read it over and over again. It's just that good.Going into The Hunger Games I was skeptical. I had heard such great reviews about it but I didn't really think I would enjoy it. I mean, it's about a bunch of kids going into battle and brutally murdering each other. I figured it would just creep me out. I was wrong. It was hard to read at parts because of how sad it was but in the end it was totally worth it. The Hunger Games is a very unique book that will hopefully take young adult readers by storm. I understand that a lot of people think that a book about teens killing each other wouldn't be good but it was. Suzanne Collins did an amazing job telling the story of Katniss and really making the characters likable, even when they were trying to kill each other. Maybe even a little too likable because I now have a huge crush on Peeta. He's the perfect guy and I just want him. Too bad he's fictional. =]Overall, The Hunger Games is now one of my favorite books and I can't wait for more of Katniss' story. I have a feeling that this trilogy is going to be very popular and if it's not well then it should be. If you haven't read the first book yet, go get it. What are you waiting for? The sequel, Catching Fire, will be released in less than two days so hurry up and read the first one.