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City of Bones: Mortal Instruments, Book 1

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare This might be one of the hardest reviews I have tried to write. I honestly don't know what to say about City Of Bones. Also, I know that I am one of the last people to read this series so most of you don't even need a review for it. I guess I will start out by saying that my expectations for this book were very high and I wasn't disappointed even one bit.Clary Fray is a normal teenage girl with an unusual new ability. She has the Sight. She can see demons, Shadowhunters, vampires, everything. This new gift really helps out when her mother is kidnapped and Clary is attacked by a demon in her home. After that the Shadowhunters are forced to step in and help her. From there things only get crazier. With the help of some new allies, will Clary be able to get her mother back or will they be too late?The thing about City Of Bones that I loved the most was how unique it was. After reading so many novels that have similarities to others, it was refreshing to read a book that is all it's own. The world that Cassandra Clare created was beyond my wildest dreams. The crazy creatures, the awesome weapons, and the cool runes were amazing. I loved reading City Of Bones because I couldn't guess what was coming next or how it would end. Unlike with so many other books, I didn't know if this one would have a happy ending.Overall, City Of Bones is a new favorite of mine. If you haven't read the series yet, check it out! I know I am one of the last bloggers to cave and read it but it's totally worth it. The reviews are not lying. It's spectacular!