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Sarah (The Circle of Friends, Book 2) - L. Diane Wolfe Sarah Martin has never been in a truly stable, loving relationship. That is, until she gets to know her roommate's best friend, Matt. Matt is one of the many playboys of the college campus and Sarah can't seem to see why he would want to be with her but as their relationship progresses he proves in so many ways that he truly loves her.As the year goes by, things between them start to get complicated. Sarah begins to feel threatened by all the girls that want to be with Matt and she begins to lose her self confidence. Once again she wonders what Matt sees in her. After their first major fight she decides to break it off so that she doesn't end up getting hurt when he leaves her.Matt has no idea why Sarah broke up with him but he does know that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him and that he has to get her back. After just a day or so without her, he knows that he has to have her back and not just for the time being. He wants her for the rest of their lives. And he knows just how to get her.I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book. It was the first I had ever read by L. Diane Wolfe and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the story line very realistic it is very inspirational. It shows both the joys and the many pains of young adults in today's society trying to fit in but still be true to themselves. Sarah and Matt have to learn how to accept themselves before they can accept each other and how they learn to do this is very well written.This book is the second in the five book series but I never read the first and I felt perfectly fine going into it without knowing what happened in the first book. There is enough background information to let you know what happened in the first book but not too much.