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The Unwritten Girl - James Bow Rosemary Watson is compassionate. In fact, she is so compassionate that half the time she can't even finish a book for fear of what might happen to the characters. When the going gets tough, Rosemary gets going.Rosemary never really thought it mattered whether or not she finished a book. That is, until the characters decided to get revenge on the girl who left them frozen in the worst moment of their lives.Will Rosemary be able to appease the characters and save her brother from the land of fiction or will she be stuck there for the rest of her days?I had no clue what to expect when I started this book. I had never read anything by James Bow or even a review about his books before reading The Unwritten Girl. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.I loved The Unwritten Girl. It was a whole different type of story than I have ever read before. The whole book was about reading and connecting with the characters of a story. I can totally relate to Rosemary which is why I think I liked the book so much. Rosemary can't always finish books because she doesn't want something bad to happen to the characters. I have never not finished a book because of that but I can understand why she did. You put yourself in the book and you don't want something bad to happen.In The Unwritten Girl Rosemary is actually transported into a book to save her older brother. The book is full of good, bad, funny, and sad characters. Also, all the characters are characters of the books of Rosemary's past. Puck is her guide through the Land of Fiction and Peter is her protector.Overall, I was very pleased with The Unwritten Girl and I am just about to start the second book of the trilogy, Fathom Five. I definitely recommend this for book-lovers.