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DupliKate - Cherry Cheva Well what can I say about Duplikate? It's hard to find words to describe such a great book. It was so funny but more than that, it was real. Having just recently graduated from high school I could really picture everything Kate was going through and totally relate to it.Kate's social life is pretty much nonexistent with applications and extracurricular activities. She almost never gets to see her boyfriend or her friend. Add to that a huge science project for her final with a slacker for a partner and things become too much to handle. Then Rina shows up.I guess one of the things I liked so much about Duplikate was that it wasn't very predictable. I hate books where you know exactly what is going to happen as soon as you open the book. It takes all the fun out of reading a book.Overall, I really liked Duplikate and it's a good book for people of any age group. If you have graduated from high school of are in high school you will really know what Kate has to go through and realize that you are not alone. =]