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Wanderlust - Lucy Silag SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the first book in the trilogy this review may contain spoilers!Wanderlust starts right where Beautiful Americans left off. It's winter break for the members of the Programme Americaine and that means new adventures for PJ, Alex, Olivia, and Zack. Where Beautiful Americans seemed like there wasn't enough going on, Wanderlust almost had too much going on.PJ had run away to find her sister leaving nothing but a note behind. The note brings Jay, Alex, Olivia, and Zack together and sends them on a journey across France to rescue PJ. Olivia has to back out but that doesn't stop the other three. They may not find PJ but on the way they sure do discover some interesting things about each other.What really disappointed me about Wanderlust was the lack of character development. I went into the book hoping to learn more about each of the characters but it didn't really happen. Towards the very end I started to see some maturing but it seemed to be more of an introduction and that more would happen in the next and final book.Overall, Wanderlust was an entertaining story that left me guessing at what might happen next and what crazy things these teens will do. So far it's a really fun set of books and I can't wait for the next one to be released in the summer!