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Epitaph Road - David Patneaude Epitaph Road was a strange book. I liked it but it was different than other post-apocalyptic books I have read. I have never thought about how it would be if women rules the world and now I can't seem to stop thinking about it. Things would definitely be different.Epitaph Road had some evil characters in it. Rebecca Mack is kind of in charge of things and she was twisted. She hated all men and believed that they deserved to die. Kellen was no exception but his mom protected him. Well, actually she was pretty evil too but not towards Kellen. I found Kellen, Tia, and Sunday to be great characters. They were very brave and kind. I liked them a lot.The plot of Epitaph Road was fast-paced. I don't want to give anything away so I won't mention the actual story. I will say that there was never a dull moment and there were so many shockers. Most of the events in the book I never saw coming. =]Overall, Epitaph Road is a great, unique story. If you like post-apocalyptic books, check this one out. I'm hoping there may be a sequel!