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Settling - Shelley Workinger A couple months ago I read Solid by Shelley Workinger. I had no clue what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. When I was asked to be a part of the blog tour for the sequel, I, of course, said yes. I thought Solid was good but Settling was awesome! I can't believe the third book doesn't come out until next summer!Clio Kaid has finally found the place where she belongs. She has a great group of friends and maybe even a boyfriend. Too bad things can't stay that way forever especially when there is a murder on campus. The attacks keep happening and Clio has no clue how to make campus safe again. Worst of all she seems to be pushing all her friends away and she doesn't quite know why. Will Clio figure out what is going on with her abilities and the murderer before its too late?The story picks up right after the ending of Solid and it does not take long to be drawn back into the story. The first attack doesn't happen until about sixty pages in but those first sixty pages are by no means slow. I was hooked just reading about the friendships, romance, and new characters. The attack just added to the already interesting story. Clio was very easy to like in this book. She did some very stupid things but those things actually made me like her more. Her mistakes made her seem more human, more real. The rest of the cast of characters didn't seem to change much throughout the book but I still loved them. Garrett cracked me up and Jack was such a sweetheart. I can't wait for more of everybody! Well except maybe the psycho killer! =)Overall, Settling is a great follow-up to Solid and if you haven't checked out this series already, do it now! It's kind of like the book version of X-Men. I think it will really appeal to all teens (and adults who love YA too.)