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Frostbite - Richelle Mead So while I thought Vampire Academy was just okay, I loved Frostbite. I was hooked from the very beginning and I read straight through. This series is one that you can't just stop halfway through. You will be hooked.In Vampire Academy Rose was my biggest issue. I didn't like her attitude much at the beginning of this book but by the end she was a whole different girl. She was less snarky, more serious, and finally a real badass. She could back her words up with her fighting skills finally. She was brave and even when she was afraid she stood up for her friends. She was very loyal and I really like her now. The plot in this one was definitely better and more fast-paced than the first one. There was more about the Strigoi in this book and I liked learning about them and seeing the destruction they could cause. It seems like this is just the beginning of their story and I am super excited to see what happens next in Shadow Kiss. I'm sure they will be back and nastier than ever. Overall, I think I can call myself a Vampire Academy fan for now. I'm so glad to see that this series lives up to the hype and that it's not all the same vampire stuff as the other books. Oh and another thing I can't wait to read more about is Dimitri! I love him! Well and Adrian. Haha. I'm torn!