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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Beth Revis' debut novel is definitely a unique story but one that I had trouble getting into. After about the first 100 pages I was hooked but it took me a while to get there. Hopefully the next book in this series picks up faster!Amy does not want to be cryogenically frozen for 301 years but she doesn't really have a choice. She loses even more of her freedom when she is woken up 50 years ahead of schedule. Life aboard Godspeed is not what she imagined. The leader is a dictator, the next leader, Elder, appeals to Amy way too much, and someone is killing the rest of the cryogenically frozen people. Amy and Elder must figure out who it is and how to stop them before it is too late.Amy and Elder didn't really do it for me. I didn't understand Elder or his motives. He said he wasn't like Eldest, that he didn't think like him but a lot of the time he did. Amy was more of a free thinker but I never sympathized with her or really cared about what happened to her. I wish they had both been more developed. Same with Doc and Eldest. I did like Harley though!The plot was great once I got into it. It seemed like nothing really happened for the first 100 pages and I was really bored with the story then. Once the murders started though things got a lot better. Although I did guess who the murderer was from the very beginning.Overall, Across The Universe is a pretty good start to this trilogy and I will be checking out the next book, A Million Suns. Maybe get this one from your library though before buying it.