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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read Unearthly, this review may contain spoilers.I have to start off by saying there is not enough Tucker in this book. I love him and Clara together and I wanted more! Okay not that that's out of the way I really did enjoy this book and I think it might even be better than Unearthly. Everything developed so much more in this story and while the ending didn't exactly tie things up, it was not a cliffhanger.Hallowed starts off shortly after the ending of Unearthly and it takes no time at all to get back into the story. Things are much more dangerous in this book and there are a lot of secrets. I think the secrets are what kept me interested the most. Everyone had secrets and I wanted to know them all. And boy were they some shocking secrets. I was a surprised by a lot of things that happened in Hallowed and the people that did them.The story really took off in this book. A lot more angel-blood history was shared, a lot of new characters were introduced, and more was revealed about everyone's purposes. There was also a ton of action in this book. I think the new characters added a lot to the story and I was very glad to see the old characters grow. I was proud of how Clara handled things, I grew to care for Christian and see how sweet he was, I saw Tucker maturing, and I was shocked at some things that happened to the other characters. I am really excited to see what happens in the next book.Overall, Hallowed is a must-read for everyone who read Unearthly. There is something in it for everyone! Cynthia Hand is a fabulous author and she really proved it with Hallowed!