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The Season

The Season - Sarah MacLean The Season by Sarah Maclean is one of my new favorites. I picked it up not really knowing much about it and when I put it down, I immediately wanted more. It was just wonderful. The writing, the story, the characters. I don’t think I have anything bad to say about it.The story of The Season is not your typical historical fiction story. While there is the whole coming out and a season, it’s more just the setting for the mystery that takes place with Alex and Gavin. Alex knows there is something going on with Gavin, one of her lifelong family friends, and she will do whatever it takes to solve the problem. She also has help from her friends but she’s the mastermind of the whole plan.The characters of The Season were the best. Alex was so funny and so determined. It was also pretty funny to see how tortured she felt when her mom made her act like a lady. Her friends were also great. They were more ladylike than Alex but they always went along with her crazy schemes. And the boys were the best. Alex’s brothers were hilarious. They tormented her and just tried their hardest to drive her crazy. They were definitely the comic relief in this book. And then there is Gavin. Almost like a brother to Alex, she tries her hardest to help him but finds herself in some awkward and crazy situations.Overall, The Season is now one of my favorite historical books and I can’t wait to read more from Sarah Maclean. I just loved this book and I plan on rereading it time and time again!