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Love Is the Higher Law

Love Is the Higher Law - Claire, Peter, and Jasper have nothing in common. In fact, they don't even really know each other. Peter and Jasper just happened to meet at a party and set a date. A date that happens to fall on September 11, 2001.Claire is in school when it happens. She can't believe the news and the only thing she can think about is where her mom was when it happened. Is she okay? Was she nearby when it happened? Why is she one of the only parents who hasn't come to get her kids?Peter is outside Tower Records waiting for it to open so he can get the latest Bob Dylan CD when it happens. The first thing that comes to his mind is: the songs are all wrong. The song he is listening to when it happens is all wrong and he will never be able to listen to it again without thinking of this moment.Jasper slept through it all. The only thing he can even think about is that he was probably the only person in New York who slept through the whole thing. He's not worried about his family, they are in Korea. He's not worried about his friends, most of them are already back at school. The only thing on his mind is that he missed the whole thing.Now what in the world could these three strangers have in common? What could possibly make them share something that could last a lifetime? 9/11 is what they have in common. Them and all the rest of the USA.First off, I am proud to say that this is not my first David Levithan book. Most of the time when I read a very popular author, it's for the first time. I can safely say that this isn't the first or the last book I will read by David Levithan.Now onto the good part. The review. I don't even think I need to say anything. If you have read a David Levithan book, you know what I mean. If you haven't, well why not? Love Is The Higher Law was amazing. One of the most spectacular stories I have read in a while. I loved it.Now at first, I didn't. The whole book is about 9/11 so of course it's sad but the beginning is the worst. Once I got past the really sad parts the book really picked up for me. It was a very quick read and I loved the characters. Jasper was definitely my favorite, though. He was so funny and so pissed that he slept through the whole thing. He helped keep the book a little more upbeat but each of the characters brought something special to the book.Overall, the story is of course sad but it's also a story of hope. That's what made this book so good for me. David Levithan wrote about a time all of us lived through and a time that some people wished they didn't. If you haven't already got a copy I highly recommend going out now and getting one. Or if not, I will be giving one copy away!