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Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn Kate Karyus Quinn's debut novel completely threw me for a loop. I had no idea what to expect from Another Little Piece but I can say that even if I had the highest expectations, it would have exceeded them. Another Little Piece is completely fascinating, totally creepy, and 100% unputdownable!The cover of Another Little Piece is kind of misleading, in my opinion. I saw it and expected something contemporary. Instead you get horror. However, while it's pretty dang creepy, it's not too much. I'm a scaredy cat. I don't read horror books normally but I couldn't ignore this one after seeing some fabulous reviews. While I was definitely creeped out and I don't recommend reading this one while alone in the house at night, I have to recommend it. Don't let the horror aspect keep you from this one because there's a lot more to it than that. Just trust me.Another Little Piece will have you hooked from the very beginning. Things are a little confusing at first but that's to be expected with a main character who can't remember anything. The suspense of not knowing what really happened to Annaliese is what kept me reading at first. However, that's not all that kept me reading. There is a lot going on in Another Little Piece. There's some romance, lots of secrets, drama, and, you know, horror. The romance plays a big part but it doesn't detract from the rest of the story. It's slow building and really sweet, which I did not expect. The secrets kept me guessing until the very end. There were a few moments when I thought I had things figured out but I was so wrong. Don't try to guess with this book. You won't figure things out until the end. The drama was a kind of fun add in. Annaliese has this crazy life but she still has to go to high school and things there are just like in any other. It was a dash of reality in an otherwise very unrealistic world. As for characters, it's hard to describe how I felt about them. Annaliese was hard to like. She was very detached and as you find out more about her past, she's not really that nice. However, she did start to grow on me. She's not the same Annaliese from her past and she's definitely changed for the better although she's still not really that great a person. She tries, though! Her "parents" were pretty great though. They didn't really know how to deal after getting their daughter back, especially since they could tell that she wasn't quite right. They tried their hardest though and they were really good parents. Annaliese's next door neighbor, Dex, was also pretty hard to like. He came across kind of creepy at first. He has a lot of secrets and they're pretty bad secrets. However, Dex was not a bad guy and by the end of the book, I loved him. Probably more than I actually liked Annaliese. He's awesome.Overall, I'd definitely recommend Another Little Piece. Like I said earlier, don't let the horror part scare you off because it's so much more than that.