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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - It's always hard writing a review for a book that's already been read and loved by so many bloggers. It seems like everything important has already been said. However, I'm still going to try and add my two cents to the buzz floating around about The Madman's Daughter. I'll start by saying that all that buzz is very well deserved.The Madman's Daughter is a blend of mystery, horror, historical, romance, and so much more. While normally I wouldn't love all that in one book, it worked for The Madman's Daughter. There was never too much going on at one point. Everything somehow managed to tie together in the end and it made for one completely crazy but awesome story. Normally historical books tend to drag on for me and I do get a little bored with them. That was so not the case with The Madman's Daughter. The setting was so rich and to be honest, creepy, and I adored it. The island is one place I would never want to visit. Oh my gosh, you guys, that place is so scary! Inhabited with kind of mutant like islanders and crazy, murderous creatures, this is no place you want to take a vacation to. Megan Shepherd's writing really brought the island to life and there wasn't a single point in the story where I couldn't picture it in my mind.To be honest, going into this one, I didn't expect it to creep me out. The synopsis didn't do justice to the actual horror of this book. Don't get me wrong, it's not exactly something you'd see in a horror movie but to me, it was terrifying. There were so many times when I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and hoping for the best. I never knew what was going to pop up next and I couldn't stop reading. It's definitely not a book you want to read when alone at night but if I can make it through, anyone can. (I'm a total scaredy cat.)As for the characters, they were all wonderful in their own weird ways. Juliet definitely had some issues (she did after all have a crazy guy for a father) but it was easy to see that she was a good person. Montgomery was a mystery for most of the story, as was Edward, but I liked them both, in different ways. Montgomery seemed mysterious but like a good guy. Edward on the other hand seemed to be hiding some darker secrets. While there was a bit of a love triangle between Juliet and the two guys, it worked for the story. Trust me, this is one love triangle that won't bother you all that much. As for Juliet's father, I never liked him. He was just a little too messed up and way too rude. And I know this is a long review but I just have one more thing to mention; Megan Shepherd's writing. Read The Madman's Daughter for that alone if nothing else about it appeals to you. Debut author or not, Megan Shepherd has some serious writing skills. Her writing is lush, descriptive, and completely enthralling. This is one author that is on my list to watch for. I'm pretty sure I'll be reading anything she writes in the future.Overall, The Madman's Daughter is a book I have to recommend. It has a little something that everyone can enjoy and I suggest you get your hands on a copy as soon as possible!