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Lost in Time (Blue Blood Novels)

Lost in Time - Melissa  de la Cruz SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read the previous Blue Bloods books, do not read this review. However, there will be no spoilers from this book!Lost In Time, the sixth book in the Blue Bloods series, does not disappoint. I have to say that this is one series that only gets better as it goes on. Lost In Time was full of suspense, romance, lies, and betrayals. Oh and that ending! Can it just be January 2013 already?The characters in this series have really developed since the beginning. Schuyler is strong and brave and willing to do whatever it takes to save her race. Jack is loving, sweet, brave, kind, and so selfless. His love for Schuyler is all that matters and he will do anything to protect her. Mimi is not the bitch everyone thought she was. She finally shows her heart (and her conscience) in this book. Allegra and Charles have a much more twisted story than anyone could expect. Kingsley is back and better than ever. Oliver is moving on (finally) and growing up. These books have a seriously great cast of characters.The story switches POVs with each chapter; Schuyler, Mimi, and Allegra (in the past) all get to tell their stories. It was a good way to build suspense because you are left wondering what is going on with the other characters between chapters. Not that there wasn't enough suspense in this book already! Geez! Melissa de la Cruz really threw some curveballs in this book.Overall, Lost In Time is a fabulous addition to the Blue Bloods series. Can I please know how it all ends? Pretty please?