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Nantucket Blue - Leila Howland Nantucket Blue is probably the most perfect summer read I've read in quite some time. There's the perfect mix of fluff and romance but there's also some deeper stuff lurking just below the surface.I'll start off by saying that while Nantucket Blue was the perfect summer read, I wouldn't call it the perfect read in general. It had it's flaws and it did let me down in a few areas but if you're looking for a quick, fun beach read, this is definitely one I'd pick. The setting is the wonderful island of Nantucket (which I want to visit now.) There are boys in swimsuits, girls in bikinis, late night boat rides, and summer jobs. It's all a very fun mix that makes for an awesome setting. I don't know about you guys but it sounds like a pretty ideal summer.My main flaw with Nantucket Blue was the main character, Cricket (love her name!) She didn't really think things through. There were times when she was really selfish and inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Things that seemed really obvious to me were overlooked by her and it kind of annoyed me. Not enough to make me dislike the book but just enough to make me not love it.Also, another character that I had issues with was Cricket's supposed best friend, Jules. I never saw the supposedly fabulous friendship that they had. Instead I saw a really nasty girl who treated Cricket horribly even when she was just trying to do something nice. I could never tell if Jules was jealous or if she was just a mean person in general. As if it wasn't bad enough that she was mean to Cricket, she way overreacted to some of the things that Cricket did. I could understand that she might be upset but she really freaked out over some minor things. I can't stand friends like that in books and I was hoping for more from these two.The main thing that I loved about Nantucket Blue (other than the summery setting) was the romance. To be more specific, the love interest. I won't give anything away but let's just say that this isn't your typical love interest. He's not a perfect guy but he's perfect for Cricket. He has his flaws but his good qualities far outweigh them. I really loved him!Overall, Nantucket Blue is a really fun read and I could go into a lot more detail about it but I'll stop myself. Just know that I highly recommend it for fans of contemporary romance!