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Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait! - Robin Benway I kind of want to beat myself up for waiting so long to read my copy of Audrey, Wait! Every review I read for it was great but for some reason I kept putting off reading it. I am so glad that I decided to take it on vacation with me this year because I finally found the time to read it and it was fantastic!Audrey Cuttler had no idea that when she broke up with her boyfriend, Evan, he would write a song about it. Well he did. And what's even worse is that it's popular all over the country. Overnight, Audrey went from being nobody special to being the girl in the song and everybody wants a piece of her. Luckily, it seems like her crush is one of those people. James and her are getting closer but how can a relationship work when she can't even go outside without someone trying to take her picture? Will James be okay with it or will Audrey's fame come between all her relationships?Audrey was a fabulous character. She was witty, clever, cute, and just easy to relate to. I felt bad for her because of The Song but I also kind of wanted to be her. She had such great friends and James was absolutely adorable. The fame part probably would have annoyed me though. Her best friend Victoria was there to help her through it. Victoria was crazy and I loved her. She made me laugh so much. Her and Jonah were such a cute couple and such good friends to Audrey when she needed them. Then there was James. You already know how I feel about him. He was just so sweet and funny. He didn't care about Audrey's fame because he had liked her way before that. They seemed to have the perfect relationship and they were a great couple.My only complaint about Audrey,Wait! was the beginning. I had a little trouble getting into the book to begin with but once I got past that part it was so hard to put down. I don't really know why I had a problem with the beginning though. I think it was just that there wasn't a whole lot going on yet and I had to get into to the book for more action to begin. It was well worth it though. =]Overall, Audrey,Wait! is a wonderfully written, hilarious tale of being famous and trying to get through high school. It's been out for a while now so it shouldn't be hard to find a copy if you haven't read it yet and I highly recommend trying to find one.