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Book of Broken Hearts

The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler Sarah Ockler is very quickly moving up my list of favorite authors. Each book she writes just seems to be better than the last. The Book of Broken Hearts is no exception.Characters can make or break a book for me more than anything else and the characters in The Book of Broken Hearts definitely made this book for me. Jude is a flawed character, that's for sure, but that's really what made me love her from the very start. It took me no time at all to get completely wrapped up in Jude's story and I wanted a happy ending for her so badly! Jude's father has early onset Alzheimers and all she wants is to spend one last summer with him as himself. He's rapidly forgetting everything about himself and his life but Jude thinks there might be one thing that can help keep him with her for at least one more summer and that's Valentina, his motorcycle. She knows they won't be able to restore it themselves and that's where Emilio Vargas enters the picture. Jude knows to stay away from the Vargas brothers but that's easier said than done. He's sweet, funny, sexy, and above all, he's not embarrassed or ashamed by her dad. He's the only person who has stuck around no matter how bad it gets with him. Emilio was pretty much the perfect guy and I loved his banter with Jude.Jude's father was another really big part of why I loved The Book of Broken Hearts. He was beyond adorable. I wanted to cry at times reading about him because it's so true. I can't imagine the research Sarah Ockler did to make this book so authentic. This type of illness isn't something commonly written about in young adult books and it was really a big part of why I loved this book so much. It added a depth to the book that would not have been there if it was just a cute romance. It didn't hurt that her dad was so awesome either. Even with his illness, he was funny, smart, kind, and such a great dad. Can't help but love awesome parents in YA books!The story is a little heavy (obviously it deals with a parent with a serious illness) but surprisingly this book made me laugh and smile a lot more than it made me cry. I did tear up a few times but like I said, more time was spent laughing than anything else. While there isn't a whole lot of action in The Book of Broken Hearts it's still a book that is difficult to stop reading once you pick it up. It's so cute and funny and full of awesome banter between characters and a completely wonderful family dynamic. It's the perfect contemporary read for a day by the pool!Overall, The Book of Broken Hearts is definitely a book that I'd recommend to all contemporary lovers. I'm already eagerly awaiting Sarah Ockler's next book!