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Wherever Nina Lies

Wherever Nina Lies - Lynn Weingarten Ellie just can't give up. She can't give up the life she had when her sister was part of her family. She can't give up the belief that her sister is somewhere out there. She can't give up the belief that if she found her, Nina would be happy to see her.Ellie's sister Nina has been gone for two years now and everybody seems to have given up hope that she will ever return. Everyone except Ellie. When Ellie finds a picture that she knows is Nina's the search is on. If she can just find someone who saw Nina after she left home she knows that she will be able to find her. Things seem great except for the fact that nobody wants to help Ellie search because they know it is a lost cause.That is, until Ellie meets Seth. Seth knows what Ellie is going through and he is more than willing to drive her across the country on a wild goose chase for Nina. His reasons seem perfectly normal to Ellie and she finds herself beginning to feel something for him but everybody seems to warn her away from him.Is Seth hiding something from Ellie, something that could put her in danger? Is Nina out there somewhere, alive and well, just waiting to be found? Will Ellie figure things out before it's too late?Wherever Nina Lies was actually a really good book. I was skeptical going into it but I was very pleasantly surprised. The story was way more shocking and gripping than I ever expected. It kept me up pretty much all night reading.The story was good but it was kind of unbelievable. Everything just seemed to happen to quickly and easily. I mean, in today's society you would have to be pretty dumb to get into a car with a guy you barely know and drive across the country with him. Ellie and Seth just seemed to meet magically and everything ended up working perfectly for the story. I understand that the author doesn't want us to have to read a huge book but a little more details about their meeting and maybe something a little more likely to happen would have been better.Overall, I really did like the book and if you can get past the unbelievable parts, it gets really good. I wouldn't call it one of my favorites but if you like mystery, romance, secrets, and lies give it a shot. You might just find yourself a new favorite book.