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And Then Everything Unraveled

And Then Everything Unraveled - Jennifer Sturman Delia Truesdale is certain her mother is alive. She knows that she would be able to tell if she had died but how can she convince everyone else of this before they ship her across the country to live with the aunt she has never met?Well, as it turns out, she can't. The day after she finds out about the disappearance of her mother, Delia is sent to New York to live with her aunt Charity. Delia has no idea what to expect from her aunt but she gets a nice surprise when she finally meets her. Charley is an awesome aunt but her aunt Patience definitely cancels that out.New family, new school, new friends, and new romance give Delia a lot to think about. On top of that, she is conducting her own investigation of her mother's disappearance and every clue she finds leads her into more danger.Is Delia's mother really still alive and if she is will Delia be able to find her?This was another wow book for me. Looking at the cover, I expected something meant for younger kids and something that I probably wouldn't really like. Boy was I wrong. I loved it. I read the whole book in one sitting and it left me wanting more. This is one of those books where I hope there is a sequel.Delia was a great heroine. She was very likable and her personality was great. I also loved her aunt Charley. She was mu favorite. Overall, most of the characters were great but I was left wondering about Quinn's true personality. You saw a couple different sides to him and I was guessing as to which one was really him. I also wondered a little more about Patience and her twin son and daughter. You don't really get any background to them.Overall, the book was great but the end left me asking some questions. Hopefully, there will be a sequel to this because I just think that would make the story even better. I still receommend this for a fun, mysterious romance!