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Dead to You

Dead to You - Lisa McMann Dead To You is a gripping read that is unlike anything I have read before. I'm a huge fan of Lisa McMann's books and this is another one of hers that I greatly enjoyed.Ethan DeWilde has been returned to his family at the age of 16; 9 years after he was abducted. It should be a happy time but Ethan feels like he has been replaced by the child they had after he went missing. It's only made worse because he can't remember anything about his life before his abduction. He doesn't remember his family, his friends, nothing at all. His family is falling apart all over again and he knows it's his fault. He just doesn't know how to make things better. In fact, maybe it would be better if he just wasn't there at all. Ethan was the main thing I didn't like about Dead To You. He was almost impossible to relate to. He was so damaged and traumatized. His thoughts and how he acted really reflected that. At times he just couldn't seem to function. He was very messed-up. The times he was normal were when he was with Cami and Gracie. Those were his best moments. I also did not care much for his family. Blake was a selfish jerk, Mama was way overprotective, and Dad was just kind of there. Gracie was the only one with a personality and I loved her. Cami was also a good character. She was smart, funny, down to earth, and above all, kind. She accepted Ethan, even with his hysterics.The story though makes up for everything! It was so unique and captivating. Ethan had some tough things to go through and Lisa McMann writes about them all with compassion and a touch of humor. Things seem to be getting better for Ethan and then Lisa McMann throws everyone for a loop. That ending will surprise everyone!Overall, Dead To You is not my favorite book by Lisa McMann but it is still a strong story that will have people reluctant to stop reading. I really hope there will be a sequel after that ending!