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Dirty Little Secret - Jennifer Echols You know, I haven't quite read all of Jennifer Echols' books yet but I'm kind of kicking myself for that. Dirty Little Secret is another one of her books that has earned a spot on my favorites shelf. I know I'm going to have a difficult time doing justice to the awesomeness of this book so you guys will just have to bear with me!Dirty Little Secret does take a little time to get into but once you do, you won't want to put it down. There's enough mystery surrounding Bailey's past that readers will want to keep reading just to find out those secrets alone. And if that's not enough to get you hooked, there's the romance between Sam and Bailey. They have a very tumultuous relationship but I loved it. The chemistry between them is clear from the start and no matter how much they fight, it's easy to see how perfect they are for each other. Jennifer Echols has a way with romance and Dirty Little Secret is her at her best. The story itself is so unique! I've never read anything quite like Dirty Little Secret and I loved it. The music aspect was really fun. I don't know anything about music or the music industry but that was okay with Dirty Little Secret. There's a lot of background information about the music industry included in the book but it blends perfectly with the story. The setting was also really fun. I've never been to Nashville but it's always been on my list of places to visit. Reading Dirty Little Secret taught me a lot about Nashville's history and made me want to go there even more. Sure, Bailey isn't always hanging out in the best parts of Nashville, but still. Dirty Little Secret includes the glamorous and the gritty side of Nashville and I loved that.As for the characters, there's really nothing I didn't like about them. Bailey has had a hard life and sure she is a little depressed about that but when she gets the chance to change things, she takes it. No matter how hard she has to fight, she does. She's smart, funny, brave, and loyal. Sam is the same way. Sure he'll take whatever help he can get in breaking into the music industry but it's really his talent that gets him there. He's a little cocky at times but he's so cute and funny. Bailey's family was hard to like for pretty much the whole book but they did get a little better. I really liked her sister and her granddad. They were more down to earth than her parents and it was more obvious that they cared for Bailey.Overall, Dirty Little Secret is a must-read for contemporary fans. If you have yet to read anything by Jennifer Echols (what are you waiting for?) this is a good one to start with.