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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything - Kari Luna The Theory of Everything, Kari Luna's debut novel, has definitely put her on my radar. It's an emotional, fun-filled story full of fabulous characters, sweet romance, and wonderful family dynamics.It can't be easy seeing things (especially a giant shaman panda) but Sophie Sophia is used to it. She can't escape the things she sees but she's mostly learned to live with them. This crazy life makes Sophie a very quirky character. She has this awesomely unique way of looking at life and a personality that never dulls or fades. She doesn't let anything bring her down. She reminded me a lot of Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door with her quirky attitude and fabulous sense of style. Then there were her few friends, Finny and Drew. Finny accepted Sophie from the start, no matter how odd she seemed. He was such a good friend to Sophie through everything. And he was a totally awesome science nerd! Then there was Drew who was a little more than just a friend to Sophie. He was so sweet! He had a harder time accepting Sophie's problems than Finny but he did accept her. They were adorable together. The science aspects weren't my favorite things about The Theory of Everything but they were not boring. I'm not a fan of physics but every physics reference was explained and easy to understand.The family dynamics in The Theory of Everything were very different from regular YA family dynamics. Sophie's mom knows what is going on with Sophie and all she wants is to help her. She's always there for Sophie and plays a huge part in her life. Sophie's dad isn't present physically but he does have a role in helping Sophie learn about her "episodes" and learning how to grow.Overall, The Theory of Everything is a fabulous read, unlike anything already out there. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster and will leave you smiling long after you've turned the last page.