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The Last Academy

The Last Academy - There wasn't much I liked about The Last Academy. I was looking for something different to read so I thought I'd give this one a shot. I'm kind of regretting the few hours I wasted reading this one.The Last Academy is categorized as YA but I would almost put it more in the MG category. The characters are immature, the writing is bland, and the story is predictable. Younger readers might not analyze this one as closely as I did and therefore might be able to enjoy it more. I'll start with my issues with the characters. Camden, for instance. She's whiny, insecure, and completely oblivious to everything going on around her. Her roommate, Tamara, is the quintessential bitch. Then there's the pretty girl (whose name I can't remember) who uses her looks to get everything she wants. Nora and Jessie are the nerdy girls who befriend Cam. And Mark Elliott, the hot guy with absolutely no substance. I'm sorry but there just was nothing about these characters that appealed to me.The story didn't seem all that predictable at first but once I was about halfway through the book I had the whole thing completely figured out. And I mean, completely. After that I don't even know why I bothered to keep reading. If you know anything about mythology you will be able to put the mystery together just like I did. I lost interest after that.The reason I gave The Last Academy 3 stars and not less though is that it was a fun read. It's quick, there are some hilarious quotes, and I didn't completely hate it. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times while reading and that was enough to make me enjoy it. I was hoping for something light and fun, and while it wasn't exactly a light read, it was funny.Overall, some people have loved The Last Academy, I just wasn't one of them. If the story sounds appealing to you, give it a shot. However, I would recommend getting this one from the library.