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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Clockwork Prince is fabulous! (But was there any doubt about that? I mean, it is Cassandra Clare.) I was blown away by the romance, betrayal, and surprises. The wait for Clockwork Princess is going to be unbearable!Things have changed a lot since Clockwork Angel. The institute is much more somber after the betrayal by Tessa's brother, Nate. It seemed like everyone blamed themselves for his betrayal but it was clearly only Nate's fault. It was hard seeing them so torn apart. Tessa was stronger in this book but the betrayal of her brother as well as the things Mortmain told her were hard on her. She made sure to learn how to defend herself and to rely on herself, not the Shadowhunters. Will became very likable in this book which has me torn. His cruelty was explained and I actually began to like him. I still love Jem more but who knows, that could change with the next book. Speaking of Jem; I love him! He is so sweet and charming (and there are some steamy scenes between him and Tessa in this book!) Sophie was another favorite for this book. She cracked me up with her crazy antics.The plot was a bit slow in this book which disappointed me. I am used to action in Cassandra Clare's book and this one had a lot more build-up than action. It was definitely not boring but I really would have liked more automatons and killing. =)Overall, this review definitely does not do justice to the book so you should just go read it.