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Love Story

Love Story - Jennifer Echols Wow! Jennifer Echols knows how to write a story full of hunky boys, nerdy girls, and tons of sexual tension. It is a dream come true! =)Erin is your average disinherited heiress. That is to say she is a former rich girl who must now learn to support herself. She was very likable although she was very grumpy at times. She was an average girl working her way through college and she was very easy to relate to. Hunter was also easy to relate to but there was nothing average about him. He was sexy but very sweet, your typical unrealistic male character. I loved him anyway and I'm sure other readers will too.I think the most unique thing about Love Story is that instead of just reading about the characters' creative writing stories, you actually got to read them. They added a new layer to the story that I loved. It was also a great way to insert some things from both Erin and Hunter's pasts. They were also pretty comical at times. Overall, Love Story is another amazing book from Jennifer Echols. So far I haven't managed to find one of her books that I don't like. I strongly urge everyone to check out this spectacular author if you haven't already.